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Child Custody

Clayton Attorneys For Child Custody And Parenting Time Agreements

Child custody and child support agreements can be an emotional and challenging part of a divorce. At Ahearn Kershman, LLC, our experienced family lawyers represent clients in negotiations with your child(ren)'s co-parent and family court. Our detail-oriented legal counsel will work to get the best possible agreement for you and your child(ren).

Our Clayton attorneys have a thorough understanding of Missouri family law. We will manage the legal challenges of your case while you focus on your family.

Understanding The Parenting Plan

A parenting plan is a legal document that explains each parent's rights and responsibilities to their child(ren). Parents can decide the terms of their agreement outside of the courtroom and have the final parenting plan approved by the judge. If parents cannot agree, a judge will decide based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to each parent's ability to have a healthy relationship with the other parent and the child(ren). The court's agreement or order must be based on the child's best interests (ren).

Here are a few common parts of a parenting plan:

  • Parenting time is the division of time each parent gets to spend with the child(ren). Parenting time includes the normal residence schedule, holidays, summer vacations, and birthdays the child(ren) will spend with each parent.
  • Legal custody defines which parent can make major decisions about the child(ren)'s life. This includes decisions regarding the child(ren)'s health, education, and welfare. One parent may have sole legal custody, but most often, parties will have equal decision-making ability and joint legal custody.

Child custody and parenting plans can be emotional as each parent makes his or her case. Our attorneys can facilitate a discussion regarding their proposal of custody and parenting time through counsel between parents to create a well-crafted parenting plan. We will help you create a viable parenting plan that allows you to play a crucial role in your child(ren)'s life.

Let Us Manage The Stress Of Your Case

Parenting and child support agreements cannot be changed in the absence of a change of circumstances, and filing a motion to modify can be difficult. Our attorneys can review your situation and determine if you have the facts to request a modification. We will work to change your agreement to suit your circumstances and represent your interests at all stages of the process.

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