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Family Law

Ahearn Kershman are the skilled, tough, experienced team of attorneys you need to navigate the challenges of divorce and family law, and to go forward and redefine your life for the future.


Mediation and Collaborative Law

For many, alternative dispute resolution options are important including mediation of divorce and post-divorce matters including Child custody, Division of property Child support, Maintenance. Ahearn Kershman possess training and experience to aid you in determining what path may be right for you.

Immigration Law

Ahearn Kershman provide immigration services to help you navigate the complexities of the United States' Immigration system. Multilingual attorney James Ahearn works towards achieving goals for individuals and families both in the U.S. and abroad.

Small & Professional Business Services

Ahearn Kershman Law Firm works with you to assess and develop strategies with one-on-one personal service. We cater to small and professional businesses with an emphasis on professional therapy practice.


Ahearn Kershman LLC is a Clayton based law firm serving clients throughout St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and St. Charles County.

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